Final update from the Realm

As I was enduring darkness at its peak in the physical domain, the prophets became infected by the vanity of humanity...

As liars and sinners, they showed their faces of evil, I was sure that this was a nightmare, that I must be dreaming.

No deliverance, no salvation, there was no savior who could save them.

It's judgement day, don't hide the beast, and although I couldn't help them, the devil smiled, at least.

I prevailed, to find a conclusion, would I do it again? There is no solution.

What I had wished that they would become, none of them turned out to be my chosen one.

At the end of the day, I hope I have been a spark, I will exit reality now, to be with my Angel of the Dark.

/Zac Red

2020 – 2024
Thank you for all your
love & support!

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